“My Life Was Empty”

God's Trombone

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(To the tune “Le Cygne” [“The Swan”] by Camille Saint-Saëns.)

My life was empty until the day
You came and drove my sorrows all away.

Years spent on finding a better way;
I wound up lost and broken on that day.

I was so lonely and filled with sin,
I found no peace till You took me in.

Though all of life I had tasted,
All of my life had been wasted.

You took my hand and You picked me up,
Gave me the strength to find my way back home.

Now I have everything,
Living with Jesus forever and forevermore.

Copyright © 2006 Paul A. Hughes


One thought on ““My Life Was Empty”

  1. Reblogged this on Bible Q&A and commented:

    Here is a song on my Bible Ministry and Music site, written to the tune of a well-known classical piece.

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